I’m Chris, a leading professional with 35 years’ experience building and scaling multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses in the Dance Industry.

My mission is to help you grow and scale your WILDLY successful Dance Business and fast-track your journey to SUCCESS!


Are you a dance studio owner who’s mastered the steps but finds the business side a bit, well, offbeat? Or perhaps you’re dreaming of launching your own DANCE BUSINESS, but you’re unsure where to start?

You’re NOT alone. Most of us in the Dance world step into business as a way to turn our passion into our paycheck. And why wouldn’t we? When you’re doing what you love, it hardly feels like work at all!

But let’s be honest, the song isn’t always a smooth waltz; sometimes, it turns into a complicated tango, especially when life throws curveballs (pandemic, anyone?!).

I’m Chris Duncan, a Dance Industry professional, online educator and best-selling author with 35 years of twirls, leaps (and yes, even a few stumbles) under my hat. From roles ranging from teacher and choreographer, to agent and event manager, I’ve navigated the intricate choreography of turning my love for Dance into a wildly successfully, sustainable, thriving business. 

Now, I’m taking my years of experience and channeling it into my flagship online course designed to guide DANCEPRENEURS like you. The course, complete with modules on Leadership, Marketing, and more, helps current and aspiring Dance Biz owners to not only start, but grow and THRIVE in your Dance Business. 

Ready to pivot from just keeping tempo to truly conducting the DANCE BIZ of your DREAMS? Step into my online course and waltz your way to SUCCESS!

“Chris Duncan is a true force in the dance industry using her sharp business acumen and passionate heart to provide incredible opportunities for dancers.”
– KELLEY ABBEY, Australian Actress and Choreographer


Born and raised on the Central Coast beaches of NSW Australia, Chris began a lifelong passion and relationship with the world of dance and entertainment at a very early age. After extensive training in all genres of dance, Chris opened her first studio at age 19 and went on to direct successful students to international careers in dance and musical theatre with entertainment giants such as Disney, Universal Studios, Ringling Bros & Barnum Bailey Circus, Bor Productions, gigs on Broadway and Las Vegas, as well as multiple cruise lines including Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian and P&O Cruise Lines to name a few.

Chris has a Diploma in Business Studies and has studied Event Management, Digital Marketing and a Bachelor of Arts (Creative Arts major) together with multiple private business courses and mentorships. Chris has also held an Entertainment Industry Representative’s Licence since 2010.